Paul Taylor American Modern Dance

Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 8:00 PM

Lincoln Center, David H. Koch Theater
Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023

Paul Taylor American Modern Dance


Choreography by Paul Taylor  |  Music by Richard Wagner and Heinrich Baermann

Set to music by Richard Wagner and Heinrich Baermann, Roses is a paean to love and relationships in various stages.  Some couples’ duets illustrate youthful ardor and love’s first blush.  A central duet suggests a more mature relationship characterized by support, security and the anticipation of one another’s needs.  Whether these are all distinct relationships or different stages of the same one is for the viewer to decide.


Doug Varone New Work


Promethean Fire

Set to three keyboard works by Bach as richly orchestrated by Stokowski, Promethean Fire examines a kaleidoscope of emotional colors in the human condition. All 16 Taylor dancers, costumed in black, weave in and out of intricate patterns that mirror the way varied emotions weave themselves through life. A central duet depicts conflict and resolution following a cataclysmic event. But if destruction has been at the root of this dance, renewal of the spirit is its overriding message. A program note quotes Shakespeare, from Othello: Promethean fire “that can thy light relume.”